Back to School

Back to university. Back to Falmouth. Our final year of study is here and soon graduation will be upon us.  Happy to be back, developing a new portrait series, enjoying Falmouth's ability to provide the most lovely light and spending some time processing film. Here's a shot of good friend and fellow photographer Scott Charlesworth. 



We produced some images for CommsConsult; specialists in strategic communications. A splendid group of eight.  

Assisting - Camden Park Studios

I recently worked alongside a photographer who holds a position within Camden Park Studios, London. I undertook four days as a first assistant to Piotr Gregorcyzk, who is a still life photographer and re-toucher.  The shoot that took place was for a brand of rum (I won't disclose their name), who were seeking a new set of imagery for their product.

My overall experience in Camden studios was fantastic to say the least; I met a lot of very interesting, like-minded people, of whom I have built relationships with and learnt key skills that I am certain I will take into the industry in the future.

- Luke 


Recently I visited London, assisting ShawandShaw and James Day, both of which proved to be great people, and with referent to their works, have a great eye for colour. I met a number of interesting individuals and members of the industry during my stay and hope to be back again in June of 2015.  

Couldn't resist taking a portrait of James when the opportunity presented itself.  

Exhibition - 'One and the Same'

Recently exhibited our ongoing series 'One and the Same' at the Fish Factory' - Falmouth, Cornwall. Met some great people and had some great discussions about both ours and other artists work.


Exhibition - 'Disjunctive Realities' - 'Illumination Space'

Some work from one of our latest series is currently being displayed at The Photography Gallery, Falmouth. The entire body, 'Disjunctive Realities' is soon to be uploaded with a full description on the ideologies behind the series. As well as this we exhibited key imagery from 'Illumination Space'.


BA Photography Level 2 & 3 Exhibition

Will be helping with administration/ curation alongside three other photographers at an up and coming exhibition held at The Photography Gallery, Falmouth. Work will be featured from students across Levels 2 and 3 of BA(Hons) Photography. 

Private view 5pm, November 3rd 2014.

Poster image: © Jaimie Peta Sutton Photography